Cloud Infrastructure & Process Automation (Azure, Amazon, Google, VmWare, etc.)

Opportunity Edge is an invitation only job opportunity network sponsored by Baer alerting top independent Cloud/Network infrastructure and process automation consultants to the highest quality consulting opportunities at our best clients. Consultants receiving our Opportunity Edge notifications will have access to the highest rate, market leading Cloud Infrastructure Modernization and process/code automation projects across North America working with solutions from market leaders including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, VmWare, Blueprism and Automation Anywhere. Many of the notifications we will send are jobs that are shared only with Baer based on our trusted partner relationships with Global Systems Integrators and long standing Fortune 500 clients including Federal government programs requiring varying levels of Security Clearance. The Opportunity Edge team carefully selects enterprise technology transformation programs to ensure you only see the types of opportunities that are relevant to you. Please take a moment to align with us to ensure you don’t miss out! There are 3 ways for you to sign up to receive Opportunity Edge Job Alerts notifications. (1) Click on the Cloud Infrastructure Community below, (2) Send an email to [email protected] with your preferences, (3) Click All Communities list to join multiple Communities at one time as well as view all of the other skills communities we currently offer.
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Cloud Infrastructure & Process Automation (Azure, Amazon, Google, VmWare, etc.)

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If you feel these options are too broad, please be patient with us. Our hope is as Opportunity Edge expands we can create a list of communities more narrowly defined for niche/specific skills.

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